Business taxation

FGRD is by your side to help optimise your taxation and especially when applying for special agreements (ruling) with the Geneva Cantonal Administration

Corporate taxation in SwitzerlandSwitzerland imposes taxes both at the Cantonal and Federal levels of government.

Because the Swiss tax system is federalist, the burden of taxation varies widely from one canton to another.

At the Federal, the tax on corporations is unique and stands at 8.50% of after-tax profits.

Such a system encourages tax competition between the cantons, developing a suitable dynamic that can be characterized by a decrease in the cantonal tax rate, and also by the establishment of a company form that gets access to non-negligible tax advantages.

  • A domicile company, ideal when all of the company’s revenue comes from sales outside of Switzerland.
  • An auxiliary company whose main activity is the administration of a company that is headquartered abroad and which deploys these services.
  • A business holding, whose purpose is to benefit from an arrangement of efficient tax optimisation.