Establishing a anonymous society (SA)

Establishing a 'anonymous society SA' in Switzerland

  • Minimum share capital: CHF 100,000
  • Capital payments: 20% or a minimum of CHF 50,000
  • Persons must reside in Switzerland  
  • We take care of all administrative and legal steps for you.
  • We can be the person domiciled in Switzerland for you.
  • FGRD also offers the management of your accounts.


A public limited company can be formed by one or several natural or legal persons. In the establishment of the company, they bring capital (in cash or in kind) that will be divided into shares;
With a sole proprietorship, which is another way to establish a business in Switzerland, the anonymous society (SA) is the most common legal form in terms of number of business establishments.
The choice for the company name is free, provided that it has not already been used in the establishment of another company. In Switzerland, the designation SA (“société anonyme”) must compulsorily be added to the company’s name.

  • Share capital must total at least CHF 100,000.
  • Capital payments must be at least equal to 20% of the share capital, with a minimum of 50,000. 00 CHF.
  • Share capital may be paid in cash or in kind. In this case an audit report must certify the value of the contribution in kind.
  • When establishing your company in Switzerland, you’ll have the choice to either issue shares to the holders or to issue registered shares.
  • At least one of the persons occupying the position of company representative must reside in Switzerland. This person is not necessarily a shareholder of the company. When establishing your company in Switzerland, FGRD makes corporate directors available to its customers.

Advantages of a anonymous society/SA:

  • Good reputation
  • Protection of private assets

Disadvantage of a anonymous society/SA:

  • The minimum capital payments are CHF 50,000.