Establishing a limited liability company (Sàrl)

Limited liability company (Sàrl)

  • Minimum share capital: CHF 20,000
  • Capital payments: 100%
  • A person must reside in Switzerland
  • We take care of all administrative and legal steps for you.
  • We can be the person domiciled in Switzerland.
  • FGRD also offers the management of your accounts


The limited liability company is a combination of a public limited company and a general partnership.


  • The Ltd has legal personality due to its inclusion in the “Registre du Commerce” (Registry of Commerce).
  • Capital must be fully paid and be at least CHF 20,000.
  • In advance, unitholders (not shareholders) in the company by notarial deed must declare the establishment of the company and write the statutes.
  • Each partner partakes in the equity an amount equal to at least one share. To transfer shares, a written agreement between the concerned parties is sufficient. A notarial deed is no longer necessary
  • One or more natural and/or legal persons are required for the establishment of an Ltd. Like the Plc, an Ltd can be founded and operated by a single person.
  • If investors wish to remain anonymous, they may, under certain conditions, engage third parties as representatives. FIDUCAIRE GENEVE RIVE DROITE is at your side to advise you in your best interests.
  • At least one of the persons entrusted with the representation of the company must be domiciled in Switzerland. FIDUCIAIRE GENEVE RIVE DROITE RIVE provides these administrators if needed.


Advantages of a limited liability company/Sàrl:

  • The share capital is only CHF 20,000.


Disadvantages of a limited liability company/Sàrl:

  • Ideal for small or medium-sized structures but does not benefit from the prominence of the SA.