Creating a company in Zug

Why create a company in Zug ?

  • Low taxes
  • A stable economy
  • A stable politic
  • Effective administration
  • Excellent shcool and training
  • Quality of Infrastructure


A brief guide to Zug

Zug is a small Swiss canton. It is also the wealthiest one in Switzerland. Switzerland's fiscal competitiveness has enabled Zug to introduce a system of very low taxation, which has attracted numerous multinationals.
Zug has about 100,000 inhabitants and an economy that primarily operates in the tertiary sector. In addition to very favourable corporate tax rates, the canton also offers highly advantageous personal tax rates. Numerous company directors have taken the decision to set themselves up in Zug in order to benefit from not just the financial advantages, but also the tranquil and highly agreeable surroundings.
As is the case for the rest of Switzerland, Zug's administrative system has made all the steps involved quick and simple.
All these benefits that Zug has to offer have enabled it to attract Glencore (to cite just one example), world leader in commodity trading.

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Creating a company in Zug

Zug's many advantages mean that the Swiss canton is the ideal place to create a company.
FGRD has been creating companies in Zug for a number of years. Its considerable experience is at your service to enable you to rapidly create a company and to offer you the best fiscal solutions possible.
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